Stair Treads

  • Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads

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    Outdoor rubber stair treads can provide needed safety for customers and employees. They are also built in a non-obtrusive manner in a wide variety...
  • Rubber Stair Treads

    Rubber Stair Treads (26)

    Rubber stair treads are the perfect choice to protect visitors and customers to a business, as well as maintain the structural safety of the stairs. Stair treads allow businesses to keep high traffic
  • Vinyl Stair Treads

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    Whether there is a concern about safety in the home or at work, stairs always can pose a hazard. There needs to be a grip on the stairs to avoid slipping or falling. Vinyl stair treads could easily an
  • Stair Tread Adhesives

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    Having stair treads is the first step to having safety on the stairs. It is also very important to use the proper stair tread adhesive to keep those stair treads in place. If the wrong adhesive is use

Stair Treads

Stairs treads are the parts of the stairs that are being stepped on. They are the surface of the stair cases and stair ways. There are many different things that can be done to the stairs treads. Conversely, there are also many different accessories and add-ons that can be installed on them. Of course, each of these methods and accessories brings about different uses. The main goal, however, of having them are mainly because of two important things – aesthetics and safety.

It is very important that the stairs treads are always safe. As many people know, the stair cases and stair ways of the home or any other structure can be one of the most accident prone parts of the structure. This is because anyone can slip and fall down them. There are some who trip and fall down the stair cases and stair ways when they are not equipped with the right stairs treads. This is why it is very important to understand these. This is why it is always very important that one installs stairs treads that are slip resistant. The slip resistance of the stairs treads will ensure that they are safe. The thing is that there are some flooring materials that can be quite slippery when they are not equipped with the right stairs treads. This being said, there are different materials that are introduced to be used to make sure that they are slip resistant. There are some of these that are rubber, carpet, wood, metal, and plastic among others. This is to ensure that the stair cases and stair ways will always be slip resistant when people will pass up or down them. This way, the homeowners can rest assured that they have stair cases and stair ways that are safe to be passed by on. Also, these stair treads will protect the stair treads from the constant wear and tear of high traffic. This is done because they are able to absorb the pressure or the stress of the weight of the people that step on the stair treads.

But having stairs treads is not all about safety. It is about aesthetics too. As mentioned above, there are so many different materials that are used in these stairs treads. And under each of these materials are different looks that can be pulled off. For instance, there are carpet stairs treads that are braided and there are some that are just as is. There are some different colors of vinyl and there are different colors of rubber as well. The point is that there are many different looks that these stair treads can bring. Each and every one of them will surely be able to make the home look fantastic. No matter what the color of the home is, no matter what motif or theme the house decorations are, these kinds of stair treads will surely be a great addition to the stair cases and stair ways to ensure that they will always look as perfect as can be.